What Are the 3 A’s?

The 3 A’s (Attendance, Attitude & Academics) is the process of recognizing and building on strengths, which is evident throughout the school. The teachers and staff encourage the children to focus on the 3 A’s to enrich their education. Each month children are rewarded in the three areas: Attendance, Attitude & Academics.


Developing the strengths to become a top-learner is done through the following:


The 3 A’s Attendance: Children must show up on time and spend all day applying themselves to learning. Help your child establish a (perfect attendance) habit. Perfect Attendance is no absences, “no lates” and “no early outs” for any reason!

The 3 A’s Attitude: Attitude as you know is a lifelong process and our goal at school is to develop a “want to do” and “can do” academic attitude along with being positive and having the courage to be imperfect. “If you don’t try you don’t get!”


The 3 A’s Academics: Coming to school with the right attitude gives each child the opportunity to learn and excel in their academic work. Children say, “I can learn if you show me. I can learn if you tell me. I learn if I practice.”